Indeed, You (O Muhammad) certainly bear the highest moral character. (Quran 64:4)

Oliver Leaman

by Musalman , at 10:26 AM

"The verses of the Qur'an represent its uniqueness and beauty not to mention its novelty and originality. That is why it has succeeded in convincing so many people of its truth. it imitates nothing and no one nor can it be imitated. Its style does not pall even after long periods of study and the text does not lose its freshness over time"
--Leaman, Oliver (2006). The Qur'an: an Encyclopedia.p.404

Who was Oliver Leaman? (wiki)

Oliver Leaman is a Professor of Philosophy and Zantker Professor of Judaic Studies. He has been teaching at the University of Kentucky since August 2000, and is particularly interested in Islamic, Jewish and Eastern philosophy.".[1] He has got his Ph.D. from Cambridge University in 1979.

He is writer of many books including...

  • An introduction to medieval Islamic philosophy, Cambridge University Press, 1985.

    • Death and loss: Compassionate Attitudes in the Classroom, Cassell, 1995.
    • Evil and suffering in Jewish philosophy, Cambridge University Press, 1995
    • History of Islamic Philosophy, ed. S. H. Nasr & O. Leaman, Routledge, 1996
    • Friendship East and West - Philosophical Perspectives, ed. O. Leaman, Curzon, 1996.
    • History of Jewish Philosophy, ed. D. Frank & O. Leaman, Routledge, 1996.
    • Moses Maimonides Curzon, 1997, 2nd Edition ("The Assault on the kalam" reprinted in Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, vo. 76, ed. J. Krstovic, Gale Group
    • Averroes and his Philosophy Curzon, 1997, 2nd Edition
    • The Future of Philosophy: towards the 21st Century, ed. O. Leaman (Routledge, 1998).
    • Key Concepts in Eastern Philosophy, Routledge, 1999.
    • A Brief Introduction to Islamic Philosophy, Polity Press, 1999.
    • Eastern Philosophy: Key Readings, London, Routledge, 2000.
    • A Reader in Jewish Philosophy, ed. D. Frank, O. Leaman & C. Manekin, Routledge, 2000
    • Encyclopedia of Asian Philosophy, ed. O. Leaman, Routledge, 2001
    • Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film, ed. O. Leaman, Routledge, 2001
    • Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, ed. G. Howarth & O. Leaman, Routledge,2001
    • Introduction to Classical Islamic Philosophy, Cambridge University Press, 2001
    • Cambridge Companion to Medieval Jewish Philosophy, ed. D. Frank & O. Leaman, Cambridge University Press ['Introduction'] 2003.
    • Lost in Translation: Essays in Islamic and Jewish Philosophy, Sarajevo: buybook, 2004
    • Islamic Aesthetics: An Introduction, Edinburgh University Press, Islamic Surveys Series, 2004.
    • The Qur'an: An Encyclopedia, ed. O. Leaman, Routledge (2006)

    Oliver Leaman
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