Indeed, You (O Muhammad) certainly bear the highest moral character. (Quran 64:4)

Nepolean Bonaparte

by Musalman , at 2:56 PM

Quoted in Christian Cherfils BONAPARTE ET ISLAM (PARIS 1914)

About Muhammad(PBUH) He says:

“I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the Principles of Qur'an which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness.”

Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?(wiki)

Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821) was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Europe.

As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1815, the first monarch of France bearing the title emperor since the reign of Charles the Fat (881–887). His legal reform, the Napoleonic Code, has been a major influence on many civil law jurisdictions worldwide, but he is best remembered for his role in the wars led against France by a series of coalitions, the so-called Napoleonic Wars. He established hegemony over most of continental Europe and sought to spread the ideals of the French Revolution, while consolidating an imperial monarchy which restored aspects of the deposed Ancien Régime. Due to his success in these wars, often against numerically superior enemies, he is generally regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time, and his campaigns are studied at military academies worldwide.
Nepolean Bonaparte
Nepolean Bonaparte - written by Musalman , published at 2:56 PM, categorized as Muhammad(PBUH)
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